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Your Intuitive Pianist, Musical Alchemist, Soul Resonance Guide & Composer
Embark on a Harmonic Journey of Self-Discovery and Transformation

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Unveil the Resonance of Your Essence through Intuitive Music and Personal Composition

Hey there, beautiful soul! I’m Roger Spees, your Cosmic Pianist, Musical Alchemist, and Soul Resonance Guide. 🌟

Welcome to a space where music is more than just a sequence of notes—it’s a soulful dialogue, a transformational journey, a harmonic embrace of your authentic self. I am Roger Spees, an Artist, Personal Composer, Musical Resonance Guide, and Teacher of intuitive piano mastery.

Embarking on this musical journey is an invitation to traverse a bridge crafted by the resonating tones of intuitive music, leading towards deeper self-awareness, healing, and authentic self-expression. 

With over two decades of experience in musical resonance, I not only guide but walk alongside you as we unlock the boundless creative and transformative potentials residing within. This realm of intuitive music that I have been deeply immersed in for over two decades is not just a field of notes but a profound exploration of self, offering a gateway to communicate with the universal essence through the musical narrative of your life.

Discover Through Listening:

Embark on a journey of self-discovery by immersing yourself in my diverse music collections. Each piece is an embodiment of pure resonance, infused with intention, and designed to echo the sentiments of the soul. As you tune into the melodies, allow the vibrations to stir your inner world, illuminating the paths of self-awareness and inner harmony.

While You’re listening, please follow me on 

Unveil the unique symphony of your essence through Personal Compositions. Whether it’s a musical piece for your mindfulness practice, a yoga class, or a reel that resonates with your brand’s ethos, I craft compositions that are in harmonic alignment with your intentions and the essence of your endeavor.

Dive deeper into the realms of self-awareness and transformation through Musical Resonance Guidance sessions. Here, intuitive music becomes a mirror, reflecting your inner dynamics, and guiding you towards a profound understanding and alignment with your authentic self. Self Mastery through Musical Resonance and Transformation. 

Ignite the intuitive musician within. Through personalized masterclasses, learn the art of intuitive piano playing, and discover how to express the unspoken melodies of your soul through the keys.

Craft Your Musical Journey:
Whether you’re on a quest for self-discovery, seeking to enhance your intuitive musical skills, or in need of a personal composition that resonates with your heart’s intention, you’re invited to explore the diverse offerings. Together, we’ll craft a musical journey that not only sounds melodious but feels harmoniously aligned with the beat of your authentic essence.


Your adventure into the realms of resonance, self-expression, and musical intuition awaits. I invite you to explore, to listen, to learn, and to transform, as we unveil the harmonic narrative of your life through the power of intuitive music. Here, every note is a step closer to your inner symphony, every melody a closer dance with your authentic self.


Join me on this musical expedition and let’s create a resonant ripple of transformation, one note at a time.

Harmonic Resonance: Your Path to Inner Harmony and Self-Mastery


Stepping deeper into the sonic landscape, the resonating tones of intuitive music continue to be our companions on this unique voyage towards self-awareness, healing, and authentic self-expression. The journey we embark upon is grounded in the following cornerstone principles, each a vital note in the melody of your unfolding self-discovery:

Each of these facets contributes to a holistic, enriching, and transformative experience awaiting you on this musical voyage. Your path to self-mastery, authentic expression, and boundless joy is but a melody away.

Let the flow of my music move you into new paradigms


Listen for yourself...

About Me

Roger Spees 2

“Hey there, I’m Roger Spees, your Intuitive Pianist, Instant Composer, and Soul Guide. At the crossroads of music and spirituality, I’ve got you covered. Think of the piano as my canvas, where each note becomes a brushstroke, painting your soul’s unique landscape.

Next to keys I also bring in the soothing tones of a lyre harp, the celestial hum of crystal singing bowls, and the rhythmic dance of percussive instruments and sometimes the healing tones of my own voice. 


But here’s the twist: I’m not just about the music. I’m here to guide you to a deeper connection with your own soul. Together, we venture beyond the musical notes, into a realm where personal growth and melody unite.

Curious? Thrilled? Ready to make your soul dance? Let’s chat. Book your session, or catch me live and in the flow”

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