Intuitive Pianist
and Flow Composer

Roger Spees

THE HEALING POWER OF INTUITIVE MUSIC CAN hardly BE DESCRIBED IN WORDS. So I want to ask you to Just listen and feel what you feel …

I am an intuitive pianist and play music that is attuned to this moment, because this moment is the only truth there is.
I connect to the unlimited source and extract the notes that flow through my fingers and play them on the piano. It’s as easy as that. That’s my gift to the planet and the people who listen. 

Concert Bookings

Roger Spees is a live pianist so is best experienced live. Because he plays music that is inspired by the moment and people, time and place. To book Roger Spees live for your event or book a concert you can best contact him directly.

Private Sessions

Need to connect with something inside yourself you want to transform in your life? To be able to live your full potential. I am able to guide you with personal and intuitive music and coaching to connect with your soul essence again and shine.

Retreat Module

Do you want to add a very unique and deep module to your retreat? Book Roger Spees for an intuitive musical journey in a workshop or masterclass.  Roger guides people to the free expression of their soul by use of sound, music and movement.

Experience and listen


Upcoming Events

During COVID-19 I wil not perform concerts for audiences. What I do now is Online Streamed concerts on Facebook and YouTube. You Can follow me there.

You can also listen on Spotify and many other streaming platforms.

Do you want to support me for creating more music and online events? You can donate here.


“A piece of my Soul.  Roger Spees has the extraordinary gift of being able to look deeply into your soul and to translate it instantly in music.

It was mesmerizing to hear how another person is able to perceive your deepest emotions and vulnerabilities and translate them into the most beautiful sounds. The best birthday present my friend and I ever received.”

– Ahn Thu


“Enchantingly beautiful was the music Roger played for me on the piano. It brought me into deep trance. Wonderful how my soul inspired his soul and this had an vibrating effect on my body. The sounds took me on a journey and in that depth I found myself. What a great feeling of calm and everything is good as it is. Lovely. What a relaxation! Nice to be able to listen back to the CD that is unique, only made for me. The imprint of my soul. Stunning! Everyone who is into raising awareness should give this gift to themselves. You immerse yourself in the warmth and love of your own soul. Encouraging for the rest of your path. What a wealth. Thanks Roger that you have facilitated this. It’s a gift! “

– Eline

Contact Me

If you would like to get in touch with me, book me to play on your event or want to receive a personal Soundtrack session you can use this form or call me on +31 6 454 90 670.

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