About Roger Spees

I’m an intuitive flow pianist and composer and I am dedicated to open up people’s hearts and reconnect them to their full potential by use of music. I attune myself to the core essence of people and translate what I feel into an original musical flow composition instantly. 

As autodidact pianist / musician I learned to play the keys by heart, since I was young. By listening to music I just translated what I heared into the keys. In this way I developed my playing and listening skills over the years…

When I was 28 my way of playing music completely changed when I experienced I could translate people’s stories in music and also use my sensitivity and intuition to play music that was inside of people.  The stories of their lives just manifested in the music I played. In that moment I knew that this was what I had to do: use music as a mirror for people to let them resonate with their full potential.

Music as mirror that transforms you to make your dreams possible. How would that sound?

I developed this skill over the years and now use music by intention to create a new reality. This can be as simple as you feeling stressed out and listening to your personal music that resonates with you and transforms you to a feeling of deep relaxation. But this is just a small start what sound and music is capable of!

Let me take you on a unique journey in your Soul essence soundtrack that resonates with your highest potential, helps you overcome any resistance and just live the life of your dreams. Music as your mirror for creation.