Inner Harmony PIANO Journeys

Intuitive Musical Piano Journeys for Healing and Personal Growth.

Discover the Healing Power of Intuitive Piano Music for Your Well-being

Welcome to Inner Harmony Journeys, a world where the magical and healing power of intuitive music will change your life. I’m Roger Spees, and for over 20 years, I’ve been translating deep emotions, themes, and essences into resonant musical compositions. As an intuitive pianist, and with other instruments, I don’t just create music; I create a mirror of your soul.

Why does this feel so different? Because everything, including you, is made up of vibrations. When your vibrations harmonize with the world around you, you experience an unprecedented peace and well-being. That’s exactly what my music aims to do: raise your vibrations and tune you into a frequency where growth and joy flourish.

With “Inner Harmony Journeys,” I invite you on an adventure, a journey to the deepest layers of your being. Whether you are striving for more balance, seeking stillness, or connecting with your inner child, every track I intuitively create supports your unique path of transformation. This music not only touches you, it transforms you, holistically and at every level of your being.

Every note I play is tuned to 432Hz, a frequency that naturally resonates with your heart and the Earth itself. These tones penetrate deeper, bring peace where there is unrest, and connect you with universal harmony.

The library of “Inner Harmony Journeys” continues to grow, just like you. Every new theme, every new track is an opportunity to enrich your life. And if you have a personal challenge you want to work through, tell me. Together, we can design a musical journey that seamlessly fits your personal quest for harmony and growth.

Imagine 7 days dedicated to your inner well-being. With every “Inner Harmony Journey,” you not only receive a track, but also daily meditations and breathing exercises, directly in your inbox, to deepen your journey. And why stop at 7 days? Extend your journey to 14 or 21 days, and feel how the music resonates deeper and deeper, how it transforms you and connects you with your true essence. This is the power of intuitive music.

Are you ready to take the first step on your journey to inner harmony? Let “Inner Harmony Journeys” be your guide to a life full of peace, balance, and profound personal growth.

Inner Peace & Balance

Inner Peace & Balance

Do you need inner peace and balance in your life? Then this tranquil solo piano track is a great tool to support you. This music was composed live during the first Zoom session with a group of people who had just signed up. Since it was so enjoyable, I will most likely compose most of the tracks in the Inner Harmony series this way. So every time I choose a new theme, you can join in live as I compose it. As an introductory offer, the price for this first track is only €17. Later, the price per theme will be €27 - €47.


Live intuïtieve muzikale intermezzo's bij Bedrijfsevenementen

Voeg een unieke dimensie toe aan je bedrijfsevenement met de live intuïtieve muzikale intermezzo's van Roger Spees. Deze muzikale momenten zijn ideaal voor organisaties die verder kijken dan het conventionele en streven naar diepgang en authentieke emoties. Mijn optredens nodigen deelnemers uit om te reflecteren en te verbinden op een dieper niveau, en bieden een zinvolle afwisseling van het programma en mijn muziek helpt informatie beter te integreren zonder vol hoofd. Laat je inspireren en creëer een gedenkwaardig evenement met live muziek die echt resoneert.

Speciale Gelegenheid

Intuïtieve muziek bij Speciale Gelegenheden

Maak je speciale gelegenheid onvergetelijk met de live intuïtieve muziek van Roger Spees. Of het nu gaat om een bruiloft, uitvaart, geboorte of jubileum, mijn muziek vangt de essentie van het moment met diepgaande emotie en schoonheid. Deze unieke muzikale ervaringen zijn afgestemd op de persoonlijke sfeer en het verhaal van jouw speciale dag, waardoor elk evenement een diepere betekenis en een blijvende herinnering krijgt.

Piano ligconcert

Intuïtieve Pianoligconcerten

Ervaar de serene schoonheid van live ligconcerten met Roger Spees. Deze concerten zijn een uitnodiging om te ontspannen en je volledig over te geven aan de helende kracht van intuïtieve muziek die altijd uniek is in ieder moment. Terwijl je comfortabel ligt, neem ik je mee op een muzikale reis die zowel kalmeert als inspireert. Mijn intuïtieve composities resoneren met de stilte en rust van de omgeving, en bieden een unieke gelegenheid voor diepe meditatie en persoonlijke reflectie.


About me

Hello, I’m Roger Spees, an intuitive pianist and composer with over 25 years of experience in creating music that reflects the essence of moments, emotions, and souls. My approach is unique and purely intuitive, as I deeply attune to the stories and emotions of both individuals and businesses. Every composition I create is a unique expression, brought to life in the present moment and tuned in the healing frequency of 432Hz.

With a wide range of instruments, from the piano to crystal singing bowls, I create music that touches the soul and invites inner exploration and harmony. Whether it’s individual sessions or group experiences, my music provides a path to transformation and personal growth.

As a multi-instrumentalist and with a network of like-minded musicians, I bring a wealth of sounds and textures to my work. My music arises spontaneously, without traditional notation, making each composition authentic and in the moment.

Are you ready to experience the unique journey of your story through music? Let me be your guide on this special discovery.

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