Unleash Your Intuitive Piano Playing - From Sheet Music to Freedom

Liberate Your Inner Pianist: Playing by Ear and Heart, in Deep Connection with the Living Sounds

In this immersive masterclass, you will discover how to elevate your piano playing to new heights. We break free from sheet music's constraints and unlock your inner musical expression. Learn how to play intuitively, infuse emotion into every note, and craft your own unique melodies. This masterclass is suitable for both beginners and advanced pianists. Come and join us to embark on an immersive journey and transform your piano playing.

Imagine: You’re seated at your piano, eyes closed, fingers gently hovering over the keys. You take a deep breath and feel the music resonating within your soul. And then, without sheet music or constraints, you let yourself fully immerse in the play. Melodies flow from your fingertips, a free expression of your deepest emotions.


Welcome to the Intuitive Piano Playing Masterclass by Roger Spees, where you’re invited to set your musical soul free. This masterclass is tailored for pianists like you, who already possess some technique and theoretical knowledge but yearn for more. More freedom, more expression, deeper connection with yourself, and the piano as a living instrument.


Leave the Notes Behind and Follow Your Ear and Your Heart

In this enchanting masterclass, I’ll guide you on a journey to the heart of music. We remove the sheet music and embrace the playful adventure of playing by ear. Let your fingers dance on the keys, guided by your intuition and emotions. The piano becomes an extension of yourself to let your inner musical voice resound freely.

Deep Connection with Yourself and the Piano

But this masterclass goes beyond merely producing sounds. It’s all about establishing a profound connection, both with your inner world and the living instrument before you. You’ll discover that the piano can understand you and mirror your emotions, like a faithful companion on your musical journey.

Experience the Magic of Intuitive Music

Intuitive music is organic music that emerges in the here and now, as a pure expression of your soul. It’s the freedom to draw from an infinite well of inspiration and let the music flow unencumbered. In this masterclass, you’ll learn the art of listening to your inner compass and allow the creative impulse of the moment to guide you.

Testimonials of Musical Liberation

“As a classically trained pianist, I always felt limited by sheet music. Roger gave me the key to play freely and tell my own story on the piano.” – Daniel

“Thanks to Roger, I’ve delved deeper into my playing and found a profound connection with the piano. This is more than a masterclass; it’s a spiritual experience.” – Anna

“For the first time in my life, I could let go of sheet music and truly play by ear. Roger has liberated my musical soul!” – Mark

Discover the Depths of Intuitive Piano Playing

For those who want to unearth the true potential of their musical selves, I offer a Transformative Journey of 5 Masterclasses. Here, we delve deeper into the art of intuitive piano playing, allowing you to embrace all facets of this enchanting journey.

In the Transformative Journey of Intuitive Piano Playing, you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of playing by ear and the freedom of organic music.
  • Establishing a profound connection with your inner musical voice and emotions.
  • Composing and improvising by feeling, like a true artist.
  • Shedding limitations and blockages so your musical soul can shine.
  • A deep connection with the piano as a living instrument, an extension of yourself.
  • Learning to tune into other sources of inspiration, such as humans, art, stories, and translating them into music.

In addition, you’ll receive personal guidance to truly bring out the best in yourself and your piano playing.

Rates for Masterclasses and the Transformative Journey:

A 1-hour Masterclass offers a powerful experience and costs €127. But if you want to go deeper, opt for a 1.5-hour Masterclass for €177.

For those truly seeking transformation and wanting to embrace all aspects of intuitive piano playing, the Transformative Journey of 5 Masterclasses is a beautiful choice at €777.

Participation Requirements:

To get the most out of this enchanting experience, it’s essential to have access to an acoustic piano or grand piano, or at the very least, a good-quality digital piano with weighted keys.

Location of Masterclasses (in person): 

The masterclasses are conducted in Driebergen (near Utrecht), the Netherlands on a Yamaha grand piano (tuned to 432Hz).

If you have an acoustic piano or grand piano at home, I’m also happy to come to your location for a Masterclass, with a travel fee of €0.25 per kilometer.

Online Masterclasses
If you prefer to have the Masterclass online, that is also possible. We can plan a Zoom Masterclass. 

Dare to Discover Your Musical Freedom

Are you ready to elevate your musical journey to new heights? Seize this unique opportunity to leave sheet music behind and follow your heart in intuitive piano playing.

Enroll today for an inspiring Masterclass or the profound Transformative Journey and experience the magic of music that unfolds in the moment.

Contact us now, and let your musical liberation commence.

See you soon!

Roger Spees, Master Intuitive Pianist


About me

Roger nieuw-resized

My journey as an intuitive musician has led me to a profound connection with my favorite instrument – the piano. It’s not just an instrument to me; it’s an extension of my soul. Music flows through my veins and resonates in every cell of my body.

As a musician, I am self-taught, and this freedom has given me the space to let music unfold without any limitations. In my perception, there are no mistakes; every note that seemingly ‘doesn’t fit’ opens up new dimensions of expression. It all began on a small keyboard as a child, and later, I played everything I heard on synthesizers. But it was the acoustic piano that allowed me to fully express my pure emotions.

I could genuinely connect with this organic being with living strings and a wooden soundboard. I felt it resonating in every fiber of my being and could convey my emotions.

Over the past 30 years, I have further developed myself as an intuitive musician, increasingly using my high sensitivity as a beautiful instrument to attune to people and other sources of inspiration. With intention, I can create music that deeply touches and transforms. It’s like a free flow of emotions and energy, guided by the moment and the unique connection I feel.

My musical journey has taught me that music is not just sound; it is a language of the soul. A language that goes beyond words and travels straight to the heart. It is a journey of awareness, profound transformation, and healing, both for myself and for those who experience my music.

I invite you to join me in experiencing this unique journey of intuitive music. Immerse yourself in the magic of sounds deeply rooted in emotion, free from limitations, and full of meaning. Discover the power of intuitive piano playing and the healing resonance it brings. Together, we will create a symphony that touches the soul and makes your heart sing.

Welcome to the world of organic music, where every note opens a new dimension, and music is not just played but truly experienced. Allow yourself to ride the waves of the moment, where creation and transformation go hand in hand. I look forward to guiding you on this special journey of musical self-discovery and deep connection.

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