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Discover the Healing Power of Music, No Matter Where You Are

Begin Your Journey to Soul Resonance

Are you at a crossroads, seeking clarity, or yearning for a deeper connection with your authentic self? Imagine embarking on a journey where music isn’t just a background tune but a transformative force that guides you back to your essence, your soul’s true resonance.

With my Soul Resonance Guidance, we delve into the depths of your being, using intuitively composed music as a profound tool for reflection, healing, and inspiration. It’s more than just listening; it’s an immersive experience that attunes to your unique soul essence and mirrors it back to you through resonating melodies.

What You Receive in Your Soul Resonance Session:

  • A Personal 30-45 Minute Zoom Call: This is your time. Share your aspirations, challenges, or questions about life, and I’ll be there to listen deeply and intuitively.
  • Intuitive Energy Tuning and Soul Symphony Composition: Using your energy and intentions as my guide, I’ll play and instantly compose your unique Soul Symphony on the piano, capturing the essence of your spirit in music.
  • Human Design Insights: If it resonates, you’ll receive insights from your Human Design, adding another layer of understanding to our session.
  • Your Unique Soul Symphony Track: After our session, you’ll receive an MP3 of your personal Soul Symphony, a musical gift composed solely for you, to support your journey even after our session. 
  • Daily Listening for Transformation: Listen to your Soul Symphony track daily for 21 days to deepen the integration and transformation.
  • Follow-up Conversation: After 21 days, we’ll reconnect via chat or Zoom to reflect on the shifts and growth you’ve experienced through the music.

This Is Not Just Another Online Program

This is a real-life, soul-to-soul connection with me, Roger Spees. It’s a personal, one-on-one session designed to guide you to your essence through the power of intuitive music. Be ready for profound changes, as this experience is about igniting your soul’s journey toward authentic living.


While a single session can spark significant insight and shifts, embarking on a series of Soul Resonance Sessions enhances the depth and breadth of your transformation, breaking through life’s bigger themes and blockages for lasting change.

Embark on a Musical Journey of Self-Discovery with Me – HOW IT WORKS

The Opening Note: Where Our Journey Begins

When you join me for a live online session, you’re not just a spectator; you’re the honored guest. From the moment you arrive, you’ll sense that something extraordinary is in store. I take this time to tune into your unique energy, setting the stage for the magical experience that will unfold.


Your Unique Symphony: Composed in the Now

Here’s where the magic happens. As you relax and focus, my fingers touch the piano keys and your soul’s unique song begins to emerge. This isn’t a piece I’ve rehearsed; it’s a musical dialogue between us that’s composed on the spot. Each note, each chord, captures your essence at that very moment. This isn’t your average listening experience; it’s a raw, emotive connection that resonates deeply within you.


Beyond Melodies: A Soulful Resonance

The beauty of this process is how deeply it allows you to feel seen and heard. As the music flows, you might find that concerns and internal conflicts that have been holding you back begin to dissipate. It’s like the music gives you permission to release and find clarity. I believe people often feel more understood in this moment than they have in years. It’s transformative, to say the least.


The Closing Chord: A Lasting Impact

After the final note has been played, something incredible remains—the feeling of being more ‘you’ than ever before. I always love to have a chat afterward to help you process this newfound sense of self, making sure it becomes a lasting cornerstone in your journey of self-realization.


So, when you join me for a session, know that you’re not just listening to music; you’re actively participating in a transformative process that invites you to connect with your true self like never before. I can’t wait to share this beautiful journey with you. 🎹


Listen to how that might sound...

About Me


“Hey there, I’m Roger Spees, your Intuitive Pianist, Instant Composer and Soul Guide. I specialize in creating music that is perfectly attuned to the present moment, drawing inspiration from the infinite Source of Love. With my free improvisation and instant composition skills, I use the piano as my canvas to deliver harmonizing and transformative melodies.


In addition to the enchanting sounds of a small lyre harp, the ethereal tones of crystal singing bowls, and the rhythmic magic of small percussive instruments, I also harness the healing power of my voice. Through melodic vocal expressions, I channel soothing vibrations that promote deep healing and inner harmony.


As a Soul Guide, I offer more than just music. I am here to support you in your personal and spiritual growth, guiding you towards a deeper connection with your true self. Through our sessions, we dive into the realm of harmonization and transformation, exploring the power of music as a catalyst for healing, self-discovery, and inner transformation.


My music, voice, and guidance are an invitation to experience profound shifts in consciousness and connect with the essence of your soul. Together, we embark on a transformative journey where the boundaries between music and personal growth dissolve, creating a space for profound healing and expansion.


Whether you’re seeking a private session, attending one of my captivating live performances, or exploring the transformative power of sound, I invite you to join me on this extraordinary journey. Let’s embrace the beauty of intuitive music, instant composition, soul guidance, and vocal healing together, and unlock the transformative potential within you.


Ready to dive into this musical and soulful adventure? Let’s harmonize and transform. Get in touch, book your session, or secure your spot at the next captivating live performance.”

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