The Soundtrack of your soul

a unique musical masterpiece just for you

Your unique Piano Soultrack

Imagine if your Soul would give you music that reminds you of who you truly are. My greatest gift is to listen and hear music that represents who you truly are and play that music for you on the spot. An original Soundtrack inspired by your journey, past, present and future. Music that will guide you through every layer that prevents you from living in your full potential. You will come face to face with your inner riches to embrace who you truly are and raise your vibration by listening to your personal Soundtrack.

Let me play your original soundtrack which is inspired by your true essence and soul energy. This is music that is unique for you and it represents who you truly are. I compose this live on the spot in real life on a location I am in the world or online using Skype. You get a live concert just for you.

I will stream the music in high quality live for you to listen live and you will also receive the high quality recording on mp3 or CD afterwards.

You can also receive a session with your partner. In a relation Soundtrack session the individual music is combined with the connection between 2 or more people.

Relax while listening to your unique soul soundtrack composed on the spot, just for you. Music that will help you transform anything that withholds you from living the life you intend to live.

Investment in your personal Music 

The SoulTrack will always be recorded and you will receive an mp3 afterwards by wetransfer.

Live SoulTrack sessions by Skype and high quality live stream, recording on mp3 : €175,-


During or after the booking and payment you can email me on to schedule an appointment for your skype or live session.