The Magic of Intuitive Music: An Oasis of Calm in a Chaotic World

In this chaotic world of perpetual distractions and haste, there exists one sanctuary of tranquility that has always been my refuge: music. But not just any music—intuitive music, where sounds speak the language of the soul and unlock the doors to profound awareness and healing.


Each time I immersed myself in this musical current, it felt as though the world around me slowed down. Like an enchanting journey, the music carried me to uncharted territories of my consciousness, where the boundaries of time and space began to blur.


The sounds that emerged were akin to a mirror for my soul, reflecting what lay deep within me. It wasn’t merely listening; it was a profound communion with the essence of my being.

In a trance-like state, I drifted along with the waves of sound, feeling as though I was transported to realms beyond the reach of my daily senses. The music unveiled layers of emotions and memories, delivered healing where it was needed, and unlocked doors to unexpected insights.


Every musical moment felt like a precious gift cradled by my soul. The music was akin to a trusted friend, always ready to guide and comfort me, regardless of the tumult in my life.

These experiences profoundly moved me and inspired me to embark on my own journey into the realm of intuitive music. As an Intuitive Pianist and Soul Guide, I’ve had the privilege of guiding others on similar quests of discovery and transformation.


Each time I place my hands on the piano keys and attune to the energy of the individual before me, something magical happens. It’s as if the music forms a bridge between their inner world and the universal harmony of existence.


I observe people relaxing, taking deep breaths, and sinking within themselves as the sounds resonate with their souls. It’s as if the music serves as a key to the doors of their hearts, allowing them to explore the depths of their own beings. It instills a sense of homecoming and aids in integrating what’s necessary to become their authentic selves.


The music speaks to them on a level that transcends words, and I am privileged to witness the emotional shifts, insights, and healing it brings forth. It serves as a reminder of the power that slumbers within each of us, ready to be awakened by the right resonance.


In a world often inundated with noise and distractions, intuitive music offers a precious opportunity to embrace inner silence, listen to the voice of the soul, and welcome profound transformation. It’s as if the music gently reminds us that there is always a place of peace and healing to be found, even amidst the chaos.


In harmony and resonance, 

Roger Spees

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