In the past I mostly improvised live and recorded my concerts and live gigs. Then I would listen to the music afterwards and select pieces which I could upload to Soundcloud and eventually make an album out of it. But my next album will be different. Ofcourse I have already composed a couple of pieces and also I can replay some nice inspirations which I got out of a free flow improv. I memorize these pieces by just playing them a couple of times till they are in my long term memory.

Now I am composing completely new tracks and that’s a really nice journey for me. My inspiration I get from people who attend my sessions. I am always surprised how inexhaustible the source of inspiration really is. Wow! There is coming new music out of my fingers all the time. So that will be my duty to put these pieces into songs and get that album in this world.

You can be part of this album! By participating doing a personal session or just send me stories, drawings, paintings, skype me, or otherwise bring me inspiration. I would love to have as many people as possible to feed my inspiration.