Tuning into the Symphony of Souls

It all began with a whisper—a faint call that reverberated in the depths of my soul, awakening dormant parts of myself that were yearning to express and touch the heavens and earth through harmonious melodies.


You see, from an early age, I could perceive the silent yet potent music that resides in the quiet spaces between words, in the gentle touch of a loved one, and in the dance of the leaves as they playfully chase each other in the wind. My world was a vibrant tapestry of intertwined symphonies, a rich landscape of melodies beckoning to be explored and expressed.


But the path of an intuitive pianist was one less traveled, a road sprinkled with challenges and trials, yet punctuated with magical moments of divine connection. As I ventured deeper, I started noticing a profound connection, a sacred dance between the piano keys and the heartbeat of life itself. It was as if each note was a reflection of a soul, each melody a vibrant echo of a person’s innermost essence, a sacred mirror reflecting their deepest yearnings, joys, and pains.


It wasn’t just about playing the piano; it became a soul-guided journey, an exploration of the infinite landscapes of human emotions, experiences, and connections. Each session became a spiritual sojourn, a deeply healing, transformative, and empowering voyage into the unseen realms of soul and spirit.


There was that magical day when a shy, withdrawn child stepped into my studio. The air was dense with hesitations and unspoken dreams. Yet, as the soothing waves of intuitive music began to envelop her, the rigid walls she built around her tender heart began to crumble. The music danced gracefully, holding her hand, guiding her to a space of safety, love, and self-acceptance. Tears flowed, smiles blossomed, and a radiant angel emerged from the chrysalis of fear, her wings unfurling with newfound freedom and joy.


Then there were the entrepreneurs, stalwarts in their fields, yet harboring a silent yearning for deeper connections and authentic expressions. Through the soul-guided sessions, intuitive music became the bridge to their inner worlds, unveiling paths of harmony, balance, and heartfelt leadership.


It became evident that this was not just music; it was a gateway to transformation, a tool for healing, empowerment, and awakening. A voyage through sound that invited each individual to reclaim the lost parts of themselves, to rediscover their inherent beauty, wisdom, and power.


As I stand here today, in beautiful Doorn, the heart of the Netherlands, I feel a deep sense of gratitude and reverence for this divine path that chose me. A path that has allowed me to witness the magical unfoldment of many souls, each blossoming into their radiant, authentic selves through the gentle, loving embrace of intuitive music.


As an intuitive pianist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and soul guide, I extend my hand to you, inviting you on a sacred journey of transformation and awakening through the harmonious realms of intuitive music. Together, let us dance to the celestial symphonies that resonate with the deepest corners of our souls, unlocking doors to infinite potentials, joy, and heartfelt connections.


In the loving, harmonious embrace of intuitive music, I invite you to experience “The Shift,” a transformative journey into the higher realms of your being, where dreams are birthed, hearts are healed, and souls are awakened to their true glory.


Let us embark on this sacred journey together, uniting hearts and souls in the universal language of music, touching heavens and earth with the transformative, healing power of sound.


With heart and harmony,

Roger Spees

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